8.Juli 2018       Mitteltriathlon und Sprint XL in Berlin

Berlin-Brandenburgische Meisterschaft Triathlon Langdistanz                                  

Race Information BERLIN TRIATHLON XL 2018

Mitteltriathlon 1,9 - 93 - 21    and Sprint XL 0,7 - 72 - 5 

Date/Venue: July 8th 2018, Rübezahl am Müggelsee, Müggelheimer Damm 143, 12559 Berlin

Included in the registration fee:

  •  electronic timing, swim cap, race bib
  •  Finisher medal
  •  medical support
  •  massages
  •  warm showers 
  • complete race nutrition including DextroEnergy gels/bars, finish line buffet hot/cold, hearty/sweet
  •  Name change in case of medical reasons
  •  Award ceremony 1st-3rd female/male for all distances
  •  Award ceremony for all age groups 1st-3rd female/male (Sprint XL and half distance)
  • personalized online certificate with position in age group and split times.
  • above mentioned services available for all relay participants

Age Groups:
Minimum age half and sprint XL: 18 years

Minimum age relay half distance S / B / R: 14 / 16 / 17 years

Minimum age relay Sprint XL S / B / R: 12 / 16 / 12 years

TM Triathlon males, TW triathlon female Calendar year counts.

TM/TW 20-24 born 1994 to 1998

TM/TW 25-29 born 1993 to 1989                                   

TM/TW 30-34 born 1988 to 1984

TM/TW 35-39 born 1983 to 1979                           

TM/TW 40-44 born 1978 to 1974                       

TM/TW 45-49 born 1973 to 1967

TM/TW 50-54 born 1968 to 1964

TM/TW 55-59 born 1963 to 1959

TM/TW 60-64 born 1957 to 1954

TM/TW 65-69 born 1953 to 1949

TM/TW 70-74 born 1948 to 1944

TM/TW born 1943 and before

Parathriathlon: 5 groups according to ITU / DTU

Follow link to online registration here

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Most answers can be found here: FAQ

or call Sebastian Hauer at +49 (0) 179 5330317

Email: sh@berlin-triathlon.de


Race nutrition:

First aid station after the swim exit offers water, energy drink, bananas, gels, bars.

Bike aid station offers water, energy drink, tea, bananas, gels, bars.

Run aid stations offer cola, tea, energy drinks, water, bananas, gels, bars, salty cookies, nuts and rasins.

Additionally there will be warm soup, sandwiches, melons, apples, various pies, pickles and chocolate at the finish line.


Partipants may deposit own nutrition in designated areas at the aid stations. Participants or supporters must deposit items themselves.

 Assistance and medical support:

Ambulant medical support stations at start and finish. Additional mobile support unit on the bike course and emergency medical service.


Relays are an integral part of the race. All information given in this race document for individual participants such as schedule, course maps etc. is therefore applicable for relays. Transitions for relays are done by handing over the timing chip in the transition area.

    Rules and regulations:

The event is run in accordance with the competition rules of the DTU – German Triathlon Body (sport regulations, event regulations, anti doping regulations, referee regulations) and also the legal code, code of procedure and the disciplinary code. Regulations can be found at www.dtu-info.de. By registering for the event participants acknowledge the binding character of the regulations.

Check-in-times, athlete’s check-in

Athlete’s check-in (pick up your race documentation) will take place on Saturday 4 pm – 7 pm and on Sunday morning until 30 minutes prior to your respective start.

For relays any of the participants can pick up the race documentation. 

Bike check-in for half and Sprint XL is possible on Sunday morning between 6:30 am and 8:45 am.

Bike check-out is possible at any time. 

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